A book which can teach 1000 times  you more than what the best MBA course in the world can teach you.Its simply awesome!

A must read for every MIS, Management of Information Systems aspirants!

Technology + Business= The Google story!

It redefines the word what business is ! Business is not “Business” anymore. Its  just to serve the people the best, and it will take care of the  rest!

Heres the Summary for those who have the time to read all the worthless business  stuff in regular newspapers but no sufficient time to read an excellent book like “THE GOOGLE STORY”.

If i am a college dean or something i would have made this book a an academic Text Book, for Computer Science students!

Heres the Summary!

  1. Connections – human, computer, biology – are everything. Life = networks.
  2. Never compromise your ideals because someone said it’s impossible, stupid, or a waste of time.
  3. Do focus on changing the world, don’t focus on the money. If you provide value, the money will come.
  4. Have a healthy disregard for the impossible. If someone hasn’t done it yet, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
  5. Money is a problem, not a solution. Money cannot solve your problems, but your solutions can solve the money problem.
  6. Value creativity, not money. View creativity as your company’s true bottom-line, or your company will stop growing and die.
  7. Go against the grain. Don’t believe in other people’s visions for you, believe in your own.
  8. Speed is more important than looking good. A shiny, beautiful car isn’t impressive when it gets overtaken by an old jalopy; the same applies to software.
  9. Organic growth is best. Only grow as fast as you need to, don’t waste money on advertising a product you won’t want your mom to use.
  10. Focus on users above all else, e.g. don’t do something that might annoy your users just to make more money, they won’t forget.
  11. Never betray users’ trust, or anyone else’s.
  12. Spend 20% of your time on blue-sky ideas without worrying about how they will make a profit. If it might change the world for the better, it needs to be done, even if it can’t make money.
  13. Don’t make enemies of your competitors to stay driven. Be driven by your own values and mission.
  14. Beat your own path through the wilderness.

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2 comments on “Summary of “THE GOOGLE STORY”
  1. Sachin Shivpuje says:

    Yes, i too aggree that the GOOGLE’s story is very nice.
    main thing dont compare yourself with anyone, this means you’re insulting please do what your mind says…
    and act accordingly.
    you will sure suceed.
    it takes time but sure you will.

  2. Mimi Yamani says:

    Reblogged this on Mimi Yamani and commented:
    The google story: An inspirational story for start ups and technology

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